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07 / 2023

Summer adventures of beekeeping

As temperatures rise and flowers bloom, our dedicated beekeepers embark on their summertime beekeeping journeys, tending to their hives and ensuring the well-being of their precious pollinators. In this newsletter, we'll take a closer look at the remarkable activities beekeepers engage in during this vibrant season.

Hive inspections: Beekeepers meticulously inspect their hives, checking for signs of health and productivity. They examine the brood pattern, ensure the queen is laying eggs, and evaluate the overall population. The diligent monitoring of hive conditions helps identify any issues and take necessary corrective measures.

Honey harvesting: As summer progresses, bees diligently collect nectar from blossoming flowers. Beekeepers, skilled in the art of timing, harvest the surplus honey produced by their colonies. This delicate process requires precision and respect for the bees' hard work, resulting in the golden nectar we all cherish.

Pest management: Unfortunately, summer brings some unwanted visitors to the hives, such as varroa mites and other pests. Beekeepers use various methods to combat these threats, employing organic and integrated pest management techniques to maintain a healthy environment for their colonies.

Hive expansion: As the population of bees increases during summer, beekeepers may need to add supers or additional hive boxes to accommodate their thriving colonies. This expansion ensures the bees have enough space to store honey, prevents swarming, and maintains optimal conditions for their well-being.

At BeeConn, we're passionate about providing beekeepers with advanced tools to monitor their hives effortlessly. Our hive scales, coupled with our innovative mobile and web application, bring hive management into the digital era. Here's what makes our system a game-changer for beekeepers:

Hive weight tracking: Our hive scales accurately measure the weight of the hive, providing beekeepers with crucial data on honey production and overall hive health. By monitoring weight fluctuations, beekeepers gain valuable insights into nectar flow patterns, colony growth, and honey harvesting opportunities.

Real-Time notifications: Our mobile application keeps beekeepers informed and connected to their hives in real-time. Receive alerts for significant weight changes, temperature fluctuations, or other events that require attention. Stay connected to your bees, no matter where you are!

Historical data analysis: Our system allows beekeepers to track hive weight trends over time. Analyze historical data to identify patterns, make informed management decisions, and maximize the productivity of your beekeeping.

Easy Integration: Our hive scales seamlessly integrate with the mobile application, making setup and installation a breeze.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your beekeeping practices with our state-of-the-art hive scales and mobile application.

Are you interested?

Contact us and we will make you an offer adapted to your needs and requirements.


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