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BeeConn Premium Set

(Includes Gateway, Scale, Solar Panel with Controller, Battery, Cable for powering the Gateway and 3 × AA-Battery holder (batteries not included) for scale, weather station and stand for all the equipment.)
950,00 €


BeeConn Premium Set is a wireless monitoring device that enables the beekeeper to regularly monitor and obtain real-time information on developments in one beehive as well as all weather information on the same location (within 1000m radius). BeeConn Premium Set is a good choice when location of your beehive doesn’t have a power outlet and it requires solar energy and there are no options to store the gateway, battery and the weather station.

Monitoring 1 bee family with an option to add additional scales
Monitor real time weather data on the location of your apiary
It measures weight of the beehive and surrounding weather data like temperature, humidity, UV index, sun intensity, rainfall, direction and speed of wind.

Powered from the solar system and 3xAA batteries
Aluminum stand with plastic enclosure for all the equipment
Access to measured data through the gateway display, mobile or web application or SMS message
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BeeConn Premium set includes a stand, gateway, scale, weather station solar system with panel battery and converter. The gateway, solar converter, and battery are securely encased within a waterproof housing, strategically positioned at the base of the stand. Meanwhile, the solar panel and weather station are thoughtfully affixed to the stand, ensuring a sleek and efficient configuration. With this well-designed setup, our products empower you to operate seamlessly in remote locations, eliminating the need for dedicated storage facilities for the equipment. The weather station provides weather conditions which have direct impact on nectar intake of your bees at the location of your apiary. 

Gateway is powered from the solar system, scale is powered by 3xAA batteries (optionally it can be plugged to the solar system with additional cable). Weather station is powered by integrated solar panel and 3xAA batteries (not included). System can be expanded with up to 30 scales for monitoring 30 bee families on the location of the gateway. Scale, weather station and gateway communicate wirelessly and can be up to 1000m apart. 

For communication to mobile or web application you need WiFi access point or GSM connectivity at the gateway location.


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