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BeeConn set 1

(Includes Gateway, Scale, Adapter for powering the Gateway and 3 × AA-Battery holder (batteries not included) for Scale.)
549,00 €


BeeConn set 1 is a wireless monitoring device that enables the beekeeper to regularly monitor and obtain real-time information on developments in one beehive on the same location (within 1000m radius). BeeConn set 1 is a good choice if the location of your beehive has a power outlet or if your beehive doesn’t have power outlet but you have a power outlet within 1000m distance where you can plug in the gateway.
Monitoring 1 bee family with an option to add additional scales
Scale powered with 3xAA batteries, gateway powered from the mains
Possibility of adding extra features like BeeConn weather station, camera, solar system
Access to measured data through the gateway display, mobile or web application or SMS message.
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BeeConn Set 1 consists of two main components the scale and the gateway. Optionally it can be expanded with BeeConn weather station or camera. Gateway is powered from the mains, scale is powered by 3xAA batteries (optionally it can be plugged into mains with additional adapter). System can be expanded with up to 30 scales for monitoring 30 bee families on the location of the gateway. Scale, weather station and gateway communicate wirelessly and can be up to 1000m apart.

For communication to mobile or web application you need WiFi access point or GSM connectivity at the gateway location.


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