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BeeConn SIM card subscription (monthly/yearly)

(You can choose between monthly or annual billing.)
To use mobile services on BeeConn products (Set, Solar Set, and Lite), you can use the built-in BeeConn SIM card with the activation of the BeeConn SIM subscription.

The BeeConn SIM subscription includes data and SMS communication for the use of BeeConn products. When ordering, you must provide the 20-digit SIM card number, which you can find on the card in the envelope included in the gateway packaging or Lite scale packaging. Activation is completed within 24 hours after purchasing the subscription. The subscription is ongoing until canceled. In case of unpaid subscription, the subscription may be canceled by Strip's. The user can cancel it at any time, but in this case, they will be charged for each month as a full month, and any difference from annual payment will be calculated. Using mobile services outside the normal BeeConn framework may incur additional charges.


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